Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kiss The Babe Goodbye by Bob McKnight

Kiss The Babe Goodbye by Bob McKnight
ACE D-447, Copyright 1960

First novel I read by Bob McKnight. Fast paced and takes place in one day. Flyguy Jim Case is asked to look into the death of ex-friend Brad Bradley. The one doing the asking is Bradley's wife. We have smuggling, murder, guns, sleazebags and dames in this 112 page story. Since the story takes place in the late 50's South Florida, there are numerous references to the Cuban revolution and the Americans that ran planes in the area. Excellent rap-up in the 'Glades. I believe good stories should be told in less than 200 pages and this one delivers. Will be reading more of the ACE novels by Bob McKnight.

Note: The "flip" novel in the ACE Double is "The Hot Chariot" by J.M. Flynn. Another good author and more on him in the future.

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mtmorgan said...

I read a couple Aces by McKnight but didn't care for them too much. Fast-paced and breezy but kinda clumsy. Pretty forgettable ultimately. J Flynn, on the other hand, is a keeper. Action Man, in particular, is fantastic. Looking forward to more of the blog.