Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hardboiled Radio -OTR

Old Time Radio - a trip back

There are many OTR sites on the web, but I've been visiting the OTR.Network Library lately. All free and stating they have over 12,000 shows. I'll download and listen when I have a long drive, raking leaves, taking a walk or sitting at home with the lights off. During times you need a hardboiled fix, this nostalgic media provides it. Good scripts, sound effects and moody background music. The LUX Radio Theater has: The Maltese Falcon, The Thin Man, The Phantom Lady, Angels with Dirty Faces, This Gun for Hire, etc...

Other Favorites:
Adventures of Philip Marlowe
Adventures of Sam Spade
Broadway is My Beat
Richard Diamond, Private Investigator
The Mysterious Traveler
The Whistler

But there are so many more.....

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Craig Clarke said...

Great blog, and especially a great post. I'm a big OTR fan, and especially of Nightbeat and The Whistler.

Try Gunsmoke sometime. It's a Western, sure, but with a definite hardboiled feel to it.