Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dust Devils by James Reasoner

Dust Devils by James Reasoner.
Point Blank Press, Copyright 2007

What a story! I'm keeping this one on my shelf. This is fast action, in your face noir crime fiction. The reader meets Toby McCoy after thumbing a ride from a pickup driver and we go on a journey of violence, crime and bloody killings. It's 150 pages and moving faster than the classics from the 50's Gold Medal, Ace and Lion publications. But since it is 2007, Mr. Reasoner doesn't shy away from slapping us with intense aggressive destruction. (moral and physical destruction) Just when you think things are going to settle down, there is another twist and we start going again. There is a new type of femme fatale for modern crime fiction and James Reasoner busted it wide open! For the sake of anyone who hasn't read "Dust Devils" yet, I will not reveal any of the plot-line in this blog. Let's hope James Reasoner writes more Texas crime novels in the future. As the years go by, we will be calling this a vintage hardboiled classic.

Note: I'm probably the only one out there that hasn't read "Texas Wind". I'll take any suggestions on how to get a hold of a copy. I hear finding an original copy is impossible.


mybillcrider said...

It was reprinted by the fine folks who brought you DUST DEVILS. Probably available from them.

August West said...

Wow! I received tons of E-Mails about DUST DEVILS from this post-all very positive. Readers out there definitely what to see more crime fiction from Mr. Reasoner.
To viewers who E-Mail me, please feel free to comment on the posts from the blog. Readers of the blog would love to view your comments. I found them very intelligent.

AndyDecker said...

Found the link for your blog on James Reasoner´s blog.
As I am into pulp and its history - and the great cover art of its time - this seems to get very interesting :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm looking forward to this one from James. It's on my list for my next order from Barnes & Noble.