Friday, December 28, 2007

The Fugitive - 60's TV show on DVD

The Fugitive -starring David Janssen

Unbelievable. Started the Season One, Vol. 1 series (Christmas present) and can't keep the DVD player off. The 60's had the best TV dramas and this may have been the best. Created by the great Roy Huggins, The Fugitive ran from 1963-1967. The B/W cinematography creates a moody, shadowy and bleak atmosphere for the world of Richard Kimble. He goes on his lonely journey, job-to-job, city-to-city to find the murderer of his wife-while being compulsively hunted by Lt. Gerard . Approx. 50 min. per episode, with William Conrad narration. Each episode Act I, Act II, Act III, Act IV and Epilogue-fine memories came back. Great guess stars. The first episode "Fear in a Desert City" has Vera Miles and Brian Keith in it. Keith playing a real bad dude. Of course, we have David Janssen as Kimble-nuff' said.

I hear Season One, Vol. 2 comes out in Feb. 2008. As for Roy Huggins, don't miss reading his 1946 novel "The Double Take." It's a good Hardboiled PI story.

All we need now is for "Harry O" to be released on DVD. Please........

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Buyer Beware of "The Fugitive,Season 2, volume 1. For some unknown reason, the emmy award winning music by Peter Rugolo has been replaced. Only the beginning and ending theme have been reserved. This was not done in the season one volumes. This is what makes it so puzzling. Some scenes have been deleted as well. Let Paramount/CBS know what you think. The Fugitive blogosphere is going nuts with comments like mine, and at customer reviews at