Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Man Called Shenandoah

A Man Called Shenandoah
TV Series 1965-1966

Talk about underrated TV Westerns from the 60s!

A Man Called Shenandoah starred Robert Horton as a shot up, near dead survivor found on the prairie. Once healed, he realizes he has amnesia and is destined to roam the Western frontier to discover his past and who he was. The doctor who helped mend him gave him the name Shenandoah. (which means "land of silence")

Due to stiff competition from the other networks, (and the fact that there was an abundance of Western action shows on TV at the time) A Man Called Shenandoah lasted only 34 episode. But the well written and original scripts with Horton getting in many tight spots make this series a lost treasure. A big bonus is the notable performance by Robert Horton throughout the short-lived series. I remember it as a haunting and extraordinary portrayal. The past big name Western shows get most of the recognition now, but it is these quality little gems that appealed to me way back then. A Man Called Shenandoah needs to be released on DVD. I only have a couple of episodes. I'm on the hunt to get them all.

Robert Horton had a fine voice and sang the title song for the series. He also cut a LP and if you have it, you're in luck.


Jack J said...

I did a quick google and some guy is selling a set with 29 episodes on iOffer.

Kim said...

Does anyone know who has the distribution rights to A Man Called Sha=enandoah? I contacted Timeless Media Group and they are in the process of working on producing the 5th season of Wagon Train on DVD. They get many requests for AMCS but they don't have the distribution rights. Anyone have a suggestion on how to find out? Would be great if we could get them to produce it on DVD. Kim

RJR said...

I thought this was an excellent show when it first ran. I'd like to have this and the much later Lazarus Man with Robert Urich, and watch them as double features.


Anonymous said...

I Googled this and found out there are 5 of the 34 missing and can't be found...that's why the guy is selling 29 episodes

Alex Writer said...
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Jack J said...

All 34 episodes were streamed uncut by Warner Archive in 2014 (according to Wiki). There's still no dvd release but boots of the full set are offered from various sellers.

Bruce said...

I loved this show, and was so disappointed that it lasted only one season. One of the better Westerns around.