Monday, February 4, 2008

Rio Bravo (DVD) director: Howard Hawks

Rio Bravo (DVD) director: Howard Hawks (1959)

After seeing this wonderful film many times, I viewed the DVD last night for the first time and it's magnificent. The DVD lets us see how beautifully filmed this movie really was. From the brilliant, subdued lighting on the sets to the enhanced sound; this DVD brings a totally new experience for the viewer seeing this film.

The story, if anyone doesn't know,
is about Sheriff John T. Chance taking a stand with a few misfits while surround by hired gunmen in his own town. Chance is holding a cattle baron's brother in the jail for murder. Directed by the great Howard Hawks, this has become one of the best westerns made by Hollywood.

Almost flawless, except in my opinion, for a little overacting by a young Angie Dickinson and some underacting by Ricky Nelson. But the trio of John Wayne, Dean Martin and scene-stealer Walter Brennan more than make up for them. In fact this may be Dean Martin's and Walter Brennan's finest performances on film.

Leigh Brackett contributes to the screenplay and it seems that everything she brings to Hollywood is always gold. The story is from a short work by B. H. McCampbell whom I never heard of. I would love to know more about the original story, so if anyone knows more please drop me a comment or E-Mail.

It's a whole new experience viewing this masterpiece on the
Two-Disc DVD Special Edition. Warner Bros. is definitely doing something right here. Fabulously entertaining, almost perfect in every way, it's on my top shelf to stay for Western DVDs. Truly wonderful!

My Rifle, My Pony and Me - Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson (a small treat in the movie)


mybillcrider said...

One of my favorites. Even if Brian Garfield hates it.

dino martin peters said...

hey pallie, always wondered why our Dino was not nominated for an oscar for his stellar performance in this flick. Never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool. Oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth!

Anonymous said...

B.H. McCampbell was Hawks' daughter Barbara. But according to Hawks, she only came up with the idea of using dynamite to get the crooks to surrender. I would imagine most of the story is by Leigh Brackett & what Hawks came up with while shooting.

Anonymous said...

If Robert Osborn asked me to pick my top western this would be it , runner up is 5 Card Stud with Dean Mitchem Roddy McDowell. Go see that one.
The DVD is a major disappointment because they cropped the fit to fit a 16x9 tv. 28 dollars ouch!
The original widescreen has more picture.
Check it out on TCM.

Anonymous said...

1956..everyone said Dino will go back to dealing cards because he couldn't survive without Jerry. His first movie "Ten Thousand Bedrooms" convinced the doubters and cynics. Then he made "The Young Lions" His pay was $20,000. Peanuts, but to be with Brando & Clift, he was happy to do it for nothing. Then came "Some Came Running" and "Rio Bravo" (Dino's best films) and he never looked back.

Nasib (Dino's greatest fan)