Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reminder -"Nightfall" on TCM

Nightfall (1957)
Directed by Jacques Tourneur
Story by David Goodis

To all David Goodis fans:

Just a quick reminder that TCM will run Nightfall on Wednesday Jan. 23rd at 11:15 am EST. Based on the David Goodis story and directed by Jacques Tourneur- the man who gave us Out of the Past. The film is not shown often, I'll set my DVD recorder for this one.

The excellent Noir of the Week blog ran a fine review.- I recommend visiting this site. Steve-O has one of the best film-noir sites on the web.

Also on the 23rd: earlier at 08:00 am, TCM will be showing Murder, My Sweet .(1944) In my humble opinion, the best film adaption of any Raymond Chandler novel.


Anonymous said...

I prefer Farewell, My Lovely with Robert Mitchum and Robert Altman's Long Goodbye. mtm

tes said...

Thanks for the kind words about my site... your scans of pulp covers are just great!

Stop by Noir of the Week this week and you'll see a pretty cool writeup on D.O.A.